Saturday, June 27, 2009

tree climbing should be an olympic activity

Life changes so quickly. There is loss and there is gain and there is a gray area in between that I have the most trouble with. Lately I have chosen to view it as a cloud...not really gray...just a cloudy sky with a lot of sun and an unpredictable forecast.

I haven't been here lately. I am only posting now because I noticed that there are still actually visitors!!! I have started a blog about my growth as a Christian. I plan to continue this blog as a Mother but no longer as a Wife. Yes, we are divorced. Life changes so quickly.

Have you ever noticed how different perspectives can be? For example, take a tree. I loved climbing trees as a kid. My favorite was a tree that I could not even give you a name for but it was a lot stronger than it looked and my favorite branch was the most dangerous and yet strongest went ACROSS A ROAD....Yes...I climbed across a branch that went over cars and I SAT there!!! It was rare but sometimes I invited a friend or cousin to join me but it was mostly a solitude activity, one that I preferred to keep that way.

That tree felt and looked so strong from that perspective. I truly felt invinicible. I had tree climbing down to an absolute art and knew so well which were reliable and which were not. BUT when I went for a walk (for example, to see my Grandmother), that tree did NOT look strong. It looked so helpless and weak, yet it held me up------ and others, too. I hope that I can be that tree.

Pretty much sums up how I am feeling today. Humans are merely humans and only God is God...He is God and I am not...I think that is EXACTLY why we turn to God as humans...we know we are NOT invincible...we know we are weak....we only have a certain level of strength we can attain....

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