Thursday, October 23, 2008

why am i so weird?

Currently we are going through the "Aw Shucks" cycle as a friend of mine calls it. Each test that we go through that comes back "clean" means another level of testing. We are going through the process of elimination first and then it's the tough stuff...

So those tests I was dreading....well, looks like I'll be having them. My neurologist has ordered an EMG and NCV. He says it's necessary at this point. Basically they are going to stick needles into my muscles and test my nerves to see what is going on and another MRI, this time on my lower spine.

He started me on Baclofen due to muscle "fasciculations" (twitches) and cramps. I was up for close to two hours last night with ONE thigh cramp. Then my knees felt like noodles today (and I mean the cooked kind).

Everything else is good. I'm ready for life to return to what it was-pain and symptom free.

Thank you for checking in! Enjoy your health :)


Laura said...

**hugs** girl, good luck with your testing, I hope they can solve this for you! xo

Pipsylou said...

I LOVE the name of your blog. And, can I pray for you about the testing? I would like to.