Saturday, October 25, 2008

If it weren't so disconcerting, it could prove times...well, maybe. Each day seems to hold some new odd symptom with the exception of today. Just the usual muscle twitching and a little cramping and pain in my knees and feet. I want an answer but am in no hurry except for when my legs just don't want to cooperate by either getting up from sitting to a standing position, climbing the stairs, walking normally or speeding up. Otherwise, I'm okay. I am okay. I have a PMA. Probably just a pinched nerve :)

Today was a good day. A friend of ours became an Eagle Scout. It was very moving and it was so amazing to watch the power point slide show and remember how he used to be. He has grown up so much and we are very proud! He is also our daughter's boyfriend now :) Now if they just won't want to date until she is 18, we'll be good.

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