Friday, January 16, 2009

I have very few heroes in life but one contacted me the other day, me personally and made a request. HELEN BALDWIN contacted me about my blog the other day and I want to pass along a request to sign a very important petition to help cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy-the number one killer of children under the age of 2!!! Before my nephew was diagnosed I had never even heard of it.

I've been such a bad blogger! I have ideas in my head but they slip through the crevices and then I get busy and don't post.

I just want to save some things that have happened. Elizabeth and I are starting a new tradition of a once a month "escape". I won't go into details but I'm sure most of you can figure out what happens once a month and why it might be good to escape----good for everyone :) We do a little shopping, a lot of talking and we eat something yummy.

John and Josh are preparing to begin their Eagle project. I am so proud!!! And Randy and I are going to be the leaders of a Venture Crew which is for teens. We'll hike (I will hopefully be able to hike some), camp, and teach/learn life skills. It's part of boy scouts but it is for girls and boys!

Lindsey is taking a lot of classes and hopes to graduate in May! She is planning to go straight to grad school! There again---I am so proud!!

Emily is at the uncomfortable part of her pregnancy with my granddaughter and I am so looking forward to holding that baby girl!!!! Liz is making her a blanket and I am cross stitching a picture for her. Emily is still working at present.

Oh how I miss Lindsey, Emily and Mark!!! I try to see them once a week. Lindsey drives right by here so she stops from time to time. I get Mark to come home by offering him driving practice!

Cute things Rachel said this week: "Mommy, here is your sew" as she hands me a cross stitch thread :)

She also set the table last night and when we wondered why we each had two forks she informed us that it was in case we dropped one on the floor, so we wouldn't have to get another :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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