Wednesday, March 11, 2009

There is a little girl, very little. She is actually only 6 lbs and 12 ounces and she has us all wrapped around that teeny little pinky. She is BEAUTIFUL. Even the nurses say she looks like a baby doll. And sweet!!! She didn't even cry when I changed her very, very messy diaper! She just looked at me with one eye, like "what are you doing??" or "wow! that was a load off!" haha.

Anyway, she has wisps of blonde hair on top of her head with a little dark mullet in the back (which her mommy has already contemplated a haircut on) and dark blue eyes, perfectly symmetrical features and a little mouth that can change into adorable little shapes.

She loves to suck on her little fists and fingers and gets quite mad when she can't figure out where the food is.

She reminds me so much of her mommy. She's strong like her mommy (who walked at nine months) and she is sweet like her mommy.

Oh and she also has a wonderful daddy who is very supportive of the wonderful mommy. Can you tell I am proud of all three of them?

I am the Mimi. Mimi means proud grandmother in denial of her age ---or so I think ;)

Pictured: Top left: Proud parents with precious baby Marleigh

Right: Marleigh Elizabeth at just a few hours post birth..very alert and very content

Bottom-Two of the grandparents :Emily's Dad Doug and me watching Emily :) and eagerly anticipated Marleigh's birth.

More Marleigh pictures coming soon!

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