Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Today was one of those rainy and dreary days. Tomorrow I have more tests. This time it is in regards to memory issues. Hmmmmm ....just because I left my keys in the door two times...well, and I lost my cell phone..oh yes, and because I keep asking the same questions only to be told that they were answered but I didn't remember. I kept my nephew for a few hours last week and at 21 lbs and only 1 year old, he is quite heavy. My left arm couldn't hang and it felt so awkward on the right side. My husband said "this is so unlike you". He knows how completely frustrated I am. That was Friday. On Saturday my left leg was back to aching. I am afraid I am going to have to be honest with my sister-in-law and tell her I cannot handle it. I worked hard on getting him to sleep only for her to call and tell me to wake him up fifteen minutes later so that she could get him in bed at his usual bedtime of 6ish (?). To each his own but I just cannot handle him physically right now...although he is adorable.

On the sunny side of things, I enjoy being home so much! I've accomplished organizing a few rooms and I have a lot more to go! But the best part of the whole thing is being with the kids. John is playing the guitar he received for Christmas and doing a great job and so is Josh on his keyboard. I am amazed and overjoyed at the time they spend on it and am looking for teachers for both of them.

Randy and I are leading a Venturing Crew (through the scout troop) for teen girls and guys. So far Liz is the only girl but last night we met and planned some future activities. They are funny and sweet kids and I enjoy watching them interact.

Rachel's schoolwork is coming along so well. Some days she doesn't want to do it but just a few minutes into it she gets so excited and enjoys learning! One day she told me that the reason she loves me being her teacher is because I think of fun things and that I keep it from being boring by thinking of fun things :) <3 That did my heart a lot of good.

Liz has been working ahead on her lessons. We move to another grade level on Monday so she'll begin Algebra.

I also love when I get to see Lindsey, Emily and Mark which isn't often enough but never will be, I'm sure. I am glad they are living fulfilling lives and I do see them every other week at least.

On a sadder note this Saturday is one year since losing the baby and my tube. I guess I'll never forget February 21st. I think this year I WILL plant a tree in memory of our angel.

Thank you for continuing to stop by!

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