Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Me Monday Fun!

More fun sharing things I would NOT do! Right?!

I did not drag my husband (making him drive) to six Targets in a two day period in several separate cities looking for tablecloths on clearance for $2.71. I did not sew aforementioned tablecloths into curtains for my dining room, front and back foyers (side panels to doors), and two living rooms! I am not that cheap!

I certainly did not lose track of how many tablecloths I purchased and am now making throw pillows, too!

I did not feel sad about Christmas being over and have postponed putting away all of the signs of Christmas until today---except this blog of course...not?

I did NOT have a super humongous margarita on New Year's eve!

And I did NOT check on Stellan and another sweet baby several times this week, waiting for blog updates and worrying!


Lorina said...

Haha..that makes me laugh! 6 Targets huh, I am afraid I would have lost at 2.

Following Him said...

6 targets and pillows...I so did not laugh out loud!

Pipsylou said...

oh my gosh you are SOOOOO me! email me at wanted to talk to you about something...

Robyn said...

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! ~Robyn