Friday, November 7, 2008

Doctor _______________________, what is the diagnosis?

It's just after six in the morning and my legs are already hurting.

If you are reading this and you have ever considered being a doctor then here is your chance to diagnose someone. I'm taking the weekend off but will check back on Monday morning to see if anyone wants to give it a shot AND I'll tell you what the doctor has speculated about so far but these are only his speculations so YOU have the chance to diagnose me first.

Here are the symptoms:

Pain in left hip for over a real rhyme or reason but best time of day (no pain) is in the morning.

Clonus upon doctor's examination -this is also called hyper reflexia

Pain began in neck approximately three months ago. This grows worse with activity.

Muscle twitches all over, sometimes worse than others. My right leg has the most. This is also called "fasciculations".

A couple of weeks ago my left leg began to feel like a limp cooked noodle with jello for a knee. This grows much worse with any attempt to go to the mall, grocery store or walk around the block :(

Muscle cramps, mostly in legs and sometimes in my arms

The less worrisome "come and go" symptoms are brain fogginess and nausea after I eat but this could be stress related. But then, why would I be stressed just because I cannot walk normally? Hmmmmmmmmm

Oh and send me the bill and the check will be in the mail....oh, should I save that for NOT ME MONDAY??

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Pipsylou said...

Sounds EXACTLY like fybromialgia.

I have had terrible pain in my hips and pain for the last 15 years...finally decided to do something about it and bought some custom made orthotics - waiting for them to come in! Have you ever tried those?

I liked your last post about Obama and supporting him. I needed to read it. :)