Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday!

I DID NOT WAIT A WHOLE WEEK TO BLOG! I am not that lazy!

But since I did not do it, here is what I have NOT been up to:

I did NOT go on a trip with my husband so that I could lie around in our 400.00 per night (not out of our pockets, thank goodness) hotel room reading Eclipse and spending time with him when he skipped his classes. I did NOT join the group just long enough to eat the great meals and drink a glass (or two) of wine and then return to the room to take a long, luxurious bath.

During one of the meals with the other eight hundred or so attorneys I did not give one that was sitting at our table the EVIL eye for talking on his cell phone while a famous speaker was talking. I did not give him an evil, disgusted eye since not only was he talking on his cell phone loudly while the speaker was SPEAKING but he was also cramming his face full of food and talking with his mouth full!

AND afterward my husband did NOT ask me why that man kept looking at me. I did NOT tell him that I was giving him evil, wicked, vampire stares because I was reading the Twilight Series of books by Stephenie Meyers constantly and have begun thinking like a vampire!

I did NOT decide yesterday that I was feeling good enough to act normally and clean ... a LOT...Today I am not having muscle cramps from what I did not do.

I did NOT call UAB and ask them to move my appointment so I could go in sooner (they couldn't-they're booked). I did NOT google my symptoms again. I am not that impatient....

I did NOT go postal on my husband yesterday because of PMS and tell him to get OUT of the kitchen. I did NOT then proceed to continue with the vampire theme and threaten his mortal existence if he did not remove himself from the kitchen.

Lastly, I did NOT eat too much girl scout candy! I certainly did NOT eat the candy I bought to give to friends and reason it with the idea that I could make them homemade fudge and cookies and put it in the tins I did NOT eat out of :)

Do we see a common theme here?? :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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