Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a picture is priceless

We have lived here over four years and today I finally hung pictures. The walls still aren't really ready but I couldn't help it-I HAD to do it. I have already hung at least thirty of the kids' pictures and am only half finished!!! I realized a few things as I did this.

First, I remember every second of their childhoods. I cannot honestly say that about anything else in my life. I just loved every minute and only one is really still considered "a child" now.

Second, the group shots started with Lindsey and Emily and then one more with each birth until SEVEN beautiful and amazing children but now it is going backwards. I cannot bare it so I usually wait until they are all here. I cannot stand it without all of them in the picture. Of course I do a couple of kids together here, a few there but for group shots, I really want them all in on it!!!

Third, they say time flies. Oh. my. That is the biggest understatement. I am now looking forward to my first grandchild, a granddaughter and I hope my daughter realizes how incredibly fast this time will pass and relishes every single moment. I hope you do, too.

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