Monday, November 10, 2008

Not me, no way on NOT ME! Monday!

I am so glad I did NOT cut a piece off of John's birthday cake (picture above) because I was dying for chocolate and then try to cover the spot with icing. The icing was a little hard so I did NOT stick the ENTIRE cake in the microwave! Then the icing started melting in one spot so I did NOT hurry and try to spread the frosting around to the missing piece and did not mess it all up. It was the yummiest yet ugliest cake that was NOT destroyed by me so I did NOT decide to let Rachel cover it in sprinkles so I could NOT say it was decorated by her and luckily she was happy to oblige. Then she accidentally dumped the sprinkles on the cake and then I did not try to spread it around. This still did not cover the bad spot so we dumped more sprinkles around and deemed it a "rainbow cake".

I am horrified but glad I did not do that. And here is a picture of the cake that I did NOT destroy out of gluttony.


Pipsylou said...

girl - i am DYING over here! YOu are SOOOOO me! ;)

Hey, speaking of, have you tried cutting out flour and sugar? Scott is gluten intolerant so I have had to do that alot out of necessity. It has been SO good for us! The day after I eat lots of sugar or white flour my joints hurt SO badly...really inflamed.

I have ordered orthotics to help with my hip pain.

So yeah, you're not alone! I am praying for you!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Love the cake, can I have a piece too?

Kameron said...

At least it tasted good! That was a great story!

CityMom, CountryMom said...

I did not buy my husband a birthday "pie" today because he didn't really want cake, but wanted it for the kids and the cake was too expensive, so he's getting a store bought pie instead. Hope he likes coconut all stories about cake. You are my kinda friend! ;)

Junita said...

I think it really adds loads of character to the cake and it will be one you never forget!

E said...

Oh, you're blog had me laughing out loud. Beautifully done! I just had flashbacks to a certain episode of "The Cosby Show"! =0)

Glad the cake was yummy!