Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas bliss is a puppy...or two.

Santa is just crazy. He brought us a cocker spaniel puppy and tomorrow he is bringing a labradoodle! He couldn't carry them around on the sleigh and they were ready for homes.

We are typically "rescue" dog people and have done it many times. We've had mutts, labs, cocker spaniels, etc. and unfortunately we've had bad experiences with them being sick (worms a few times) so we have decided to go a different route this time. We wanted dogs who would grow up with the kids and be around for a very long time hopefully.

Santa has other gifts designated for the kids, too, but both Liz and Rachel were longing for a pet other than Bubbles the fish who, while wet and energetic, is difficult to cuddle without definite demise.

Other than our two days of supplemental classes for the older kids, someone is almost always home. I will probably take them with us when we go to school most days as there are plenty of parks and places along the way to hang out and Rachel loves being outdoors anyway.

We are excited!!!! Aren't we silly?

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