Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me! Monday

This week I most certainly did not tattle on a rude clerk to a manager in a store, especially not in front of my six year old. After all, I tell her not to tattle so much all of the time! I also did not consider finding the rude clerk while she was at her lunch break (in the mall food court) to share my thoughts on her poor customer service skills.

I did not "lose" my temper with several people this past week during the PMS week from h*ll, right?

And I did not tell my mother that I was wearing a hat in a restaurant because my hair needed to be washed and was stuck to my head. I also did not tell her no when she told me to take it off and comb my hair and then proceed to tell her that I LOVE my hat and this is my style. She did not look at me like I'm a nut :) I'm in my early forties and very mature, right?

And my daughter did not request a cookie cake for her birthday instead of one of my delicious homemade cakes (see previous "not me" Monday posts in my blog for pictures). I did NOT feel great relief upon hearing that I didn't have to bake it, either, right? Further humiliation is always fun...not...

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Following Him said...

I am not blogging instead of making dinner. Love your blog!