Sunday, December 7, 2008

Today I was thinking of a friend who died. She was a very good friend. We lived near each other and hung out and had kiddos similar ages. She had a GREAT laugh and disposition. When things became stressful or insane, she would just laugh....and laugh...Sometimes I thought she was bordering on hysteria but that just made us both laugh more.

She died. I won't go into how...actually they don't really know the cause. It was some sort of flu like episode. This has been a few years and her husband remarried. Her husband was our friend first and I am SO VERY happy for him. His new wife seems very sweet. But when I look at his picture I think of her. When I look at her kids' pictures I think of her.

I know people need to move on, I know they deserve happiness and love but I cannot believe that someone can be here one minute and gone the next. Just like my uncle, my cousin's brother, my grandmothers, my nephew and my friend.

I want to know where they are. Where are they really?

Gratitude List:

birthday cake with chocolate butter cream frosting
kids here for a birthday party...all but one who is studying for finals
a warm house
lots of food
tons of love

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