Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How embarrassing that would have been- if I cared.

If I cared I would have been embarrassed. I almost fell. Everyone in our section of the restaurant looked up. I have lost count of how many times this has happened now. Most of the time what transpires is that my body, with the exclusion of my left leg, continues moving in the direction that my mind is going. It's hard to describe but happens mostly when I stand up or turn. I have absolutely no warning and next thing I know I am struggling to stay vertical.

I'm not even sure why I do not care but what people think of me being a klutz is just not anywhere in the top 1000 on my priority list.

It's been a bad health day but a good day otherwise :)

Gratitude list:

1. My family..this is a list in and of itself :)
2. My five senses.
3. My doctors
4. Air
5. Sunshine
6. Music-my preference right now-Christmas
7. Christmas decorations everywhere
8. Each day
9. Holidays
10. no pain at the moment

I picked up my records today to take to the Neuro-muscular specialist in 19 days (if I were counting). Here is what he typed "Patient has hyperreflexia (with a bilateral positive Hoffman's and a jaw jerk) and a family history of Spinal Muscular Atrophy: Remaining considerations include primary lateral sclerosis, demyelinating disease or other structural or inflammatory disease of the brainstem."

They feel they have ruled out the brainstem stuff with the last MRI. I still think this is just transient and one day I will wake up and feel normal again.

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